Catching Up and Starting Again: Post-Pandemic Challenges and New Beginnings

Upon my return to New York, COVID-19 was looming large; but I wasn’t sure what to expect still believing that people over 60 were the most vulnerable. Once the announcement was made that New York would be closing down, several projects in full swing abruptly stopped; and everyone I knew was hunkering down at home.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Replacing Resolutions With Resolve, Part 7 It is said, that if you want to create a habit or a new behavior that lasts a lifetime you have to practice it religiously for 30 days. If this was true for everyone, all of our New Year’s resolutions would be achieved by January 31st and the process […]

All Carrots, No Sticks

Replacing Resolutions With Resolve, Part 5 Last week’s article explored the importance of creating a network of people to support you on your journey through the process of change. In the discussion that followed, readers’ comments highlighted the fluidity of support network membership. I neglected to mention that we need to be mindful if the […]