Catching Up and Starting Again: Post-Pandemic Challenges and New Beginnings

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In early March 2020, I was attending my first National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) Conference in Houston, Texas. I was excited to see old friends, meet new colleagues, and gather new ideas for my business in a year that had a very promising start. During the conference, attendees were talking about the Coronavirus; and I started to worry about my loved ones over the age of 60.

Upon my return to New York, COVID-19 was looming large; but I wasn’t sure what to expect still believing that people over 60 were the most vulnerable. Once the announcement was made that New York would be closing down, several projects in full swing abruptly stopped; and everyone I knew was hunkering down at home. At that time, my biggest concern was how to get toilet paper and Clorox wipes until I received the news that a dear friend of 40 years had died from the Coronavirus. My friend, Nashom, and I were the same age, and his death left me grief-stricken and depressed. While people were talking about sourdough starter and organizing their homes, I was in mourning.

After a month of the official lockdown, I started receiving calls and emails from people who needed help with their moving projects. Mary, my Lead Project Manager, and I did what we could to assist. After all, movers were deemed essential. We helped a young woman make a move to Boston, a few students who’d left their dorms and apartments expecting to return, and a family moving out of their rental in the West Village. I also made an offer on LinkedIn to do free virtual organizing sessions over Zoom for people locked up at home. My desire to help people during stressful experiences helped me emerge from my own darkness and uncertainty. I began the process of determining how Organize Me would operate in the “new” normal while keeping my clients, my team, and myself safe. First, I took an NASSM course on COVID-19 safety and prevention, implemented new policies into our standard business practices, and developed safety protocols for working onsite. In most cases, we connected with our clients via FaceTime.

For me (and my Team), work means providing peace and calm to what most would consider daunting tasks… moving from one home to another… preparing a home for sale… clearing out the home of a loved one who has passed away.

During this transitional time, a friend produced a video featuring me and my team working on a project last year. It was filmed pre-COVID, but it does give a rare glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes.

Watch the Organize Me Team in action!

This time has brought me a new level of gratitude for my clients, my team, and the privilege to do what I love while making a big impact in people’s lives.

In launching this monthly newsletter, I want to connect and maintain our relationship however we know each other. I’ve been reminded how important it is to reconnect with people who are important to you and enrich your life.