woman's hand with To Do list written on the palmProductivity Coaching is a collaborative effort between you and your coach in creating a personalized program that maps a path toward reaching your goals.

An action-oriented process, Productivity Coaching helps you develop a clear understanding of and appreciation for your strengths and what you can accomplish. Coaching sessions are conducted via phone or video chat (FaceTime or Skype). The coaching program consists of a 55-minute introductory session, followed by eleven 30-minute phone or video chat sessions, and access to your coach between sessions via email or brief phone calls.

puzzle-654956_1920What you can expect from coaching:

  • An opportunity to hold yourself accountable to yourself
  • Unconditional support for reaching your goals
  • Customized solutions for addressing your challenges
  • An opportunity to develop an appreciation for your self-efficacy
  • Homework tailored specifically for your challenges
  • Recordings of your phone and/or video chats with your coach
  • Learn techniques you can use to produce with purpose


Contact us if you are ready to get help becoming more effective and efficient! On-site coaching sessions are also an option, please let us know if you are interested in this option.