Woman's hands taking photo of a room with smartphone

Home Inventories are used in a variety of ways. The Organize Me Team produces them primarily for moving and estate clearance projects.  And we consider them vital for any project that involves moves into storage. The value of know what is in each box saves time and eliminates stress.

The importance of a home inventory has become clear with the disasters that have struck clients over the years – flooding, burglaries, fires. Home inventories should be completed BEFORE disaster strikes for insurance purposes. Would you remember every item you own if you had a catastrophic loss? Making an insurance claim would be a snap if you have an accurate list of the possessions you need to replace.

Two cardboard boxes, one open and empty and another taped closedWhat you can expect from a Home Inventory:

  • A digital room-by-room catalog of all of your possessions.
  • If requested, a print-out of your home inventory to include with your Go Bag.
  • A comprehensive list with photos of items in storage.
  • Confidence that you are prepared for disaster.

Contact us if you are ready to get proactive and get help producing your own home inventory.