You Are More Organized Than You Think


Over the years, I’ve described what I do dozens, if not, hundreds of times just about everywhere you can imagine, from a child’s birthday party to the NYC subway. Invariably, 9 times out of 10, I am told, “I need you” or “I know someone that needs you.” I agree. Every single one of us can benefit from the help of a Certified Professional Organizer® (even those self-proclaimed neatniks), but I am going to tell you something shocking! Perhaps, even scandalous! Ready? Here it goes. You are more organized that you think.

You may not believe me, but it is true! You have systems in place that help you get yourself out the door in the morning, fully clothed with brushed teeth. You have systems that ensure that you are fed, showered, and housed. You are organized enough that you are viewed as a functioning member of our society. And you certainly have done some organizing (possibly on a daily basis) to achieve these feats. Whether your systems are as efficient or productive as they can be is a whole other issue. But, I rest my case. You are more organized than you think.

If you still don’t believe me, I would argue that you probably mistake neat for organized. Neat is not the same as organized. Neat implies organized, but actually signifies tidiness and order on the surface. I have learned to not be fooled by surface neatness. I have walked into homes that were ready for a magazine shoot, as long as you kept the drawers or cabinet doors closed. Years ago, I walked into a fairly cluttered home, but every closet, cabinet and drawer was perfectly organized. So, don’t be fooled by the surface.

My belief that you are more organized than you think does not deny any feelings of overwhelm or frustration that you may be feeling with clutter, paper, project mismanagement, punctuality, e-mail, etcetera. I’ve visited enough homes and offices of people who were convinced that they were the “worst” I’d ever seen or that the piles they found daunting would send me running. In every Assessment with a new client, I ask them to show me what does work since I know what they really want to show me is what doesn’t. I love following the clues in working systems that can be applied in the areas that aren’t working. You just have to look below the surface and realize that you are more organized than you think.

What does organized mean to you? What are your systems that work? If you are feeling overwhelmed and need some help finding your solutions in what works, let’s set up a call. I’d love to help you realize you are more organized than you think.

8 thoughts on “You Are More Organized Than You Think

  1. laura Reply

    I was discussing with someone the other day how systems are abundant in one’s life. I have systems all over the place but I don’t consider them ‘organization’ ~ it’s more habit and routine. Hmmmm will have to consider how my routines keep me organized and how i can improve them and create more!!! 🙂

  2. kelly Reply

    Organized for me is having things planned in advance, a place for everything to live so I don’t waste time. But ultimately for me organized is planning!! By planning the night before, the day before the week’s meals etc, I feel in “control” … So control and planned!

    • Janine Post authorReply

      Kelly, I know what you mean. One thing I try and impart to clients who are looking to become more productive is giving themselves the gift of 20 minutes to plan the agenda for tomorrow. Starting a day off with a plan is so helpful even when events conspire to pull you off track, at least you start off the day with a destination in mind!

  3. Janet Reply

    Hi Janine, I really like your article because it reminds us to appreciate our strengths and to not beat ourselves up for not being perfectly organized in everything. I think that stress and pressure make it even harder to organize or to assert change. Really insightful. Thank you! Janet

    • Janine Post authorReply

      I completely agree with you. The people I work with tend to be incredibly accomplished, but they are so hard on themselves for not being “perfect.” It is difficult to get anywhere when you waste time beating yourself up. Thanks for your comment, Janet!

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