The Magic of October…Winter is coming!

Cocoa celebrated her first birthday on October 9th. I’m not sure who is more surprised that an entire year has already flown by… Cocoa or us? The party consisted of each of us singing happy birthday to her throughout the day. Still, it was enough to get her tail wagging and the knowledge that this was a special day!

My daughter has a special relationship with the month of October. She adores Halloween so much that she begins planning her costume for the following year as soon as Halloween is over. It’s a tradition she’s kept for nearly two decades.

October has a different meaning for me. It indicates that the year is coming to an end and that the holiday season is just around the corner. Essentially, winter is on its way… which is difficult to believe given that I am writing this on a beautiful sunny day and the temperature is almost 80 degrees!!!

For Organize Me Inc.™, October means we have three months to get all of our 2021 goals accomplished! One of those goals is to add more members to the team. We lost some great team members during the pandemic. They either moved out of New York or made some major life changes. I would like to bring some new blood on board, so if you know someone special and organized… introduce them to Organize Me Inc.™!

I hope you’re enjoying October’s magic in whatever form it takes for you. And if there is anything we at Organize Me Inc.™ can help you with in accomplishing your Q4 goals, simply reply to this email. I would be delighted to assist you!

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