Your Ultimate Partner for Life’s Transitions: Change is inevitable. At Organize Me Inc.

Change is inevitable. At Organize Me Inc., we’ve witnessed our clients face life’s transitions—sometimes with joy, sometimes with tears. Over the last 20 years, our journey mirrored theirs, culminating in our transformation into a lifestyle management solution, finely tuned for every lifecycle change. In the Beginning It all started with Janine’s passion for solving problems […]

Navigating Life Transitions: How a Lifecycle Transition Specialist Can Help

Our lives are filled with a series of transitions, from life beginnings to life’s ends. We find ourselves navigating so many life changes – some are welcomed with happiness and others are unexpected and heartbreaking. Whether it’s moving to a new home, becoming a parent, retiring or losing a loved one, these experiences can bring […]

Elevate Your Hamptons Experience: Introducing Organize Me’s Summer Home Luxury Refresh

Escape to the Hamptons this summer and immerse yourself in the epitome of luxury living with Organize Me Inc.’s exclusive Summer Home Luxury Refresh. Designed to provide ultimate peace of mind, our comprehensive services cover everything from opening and refreshing your home to ensuring it’s ready to close when the season comes to an end. […]

Catching Up and Starting Again: Post-Pandemic Challenges and New Beginnings

Upon my return to New York, COVID-19 was looming large; but I wasn’t sure what to expect still believing that people over 60 were the most vulnerable. Once the announcement was made that New York would be closing down, several projects in full swing abruptly stopped; and everyone I knew was hunkering down at home.

Case Study: When There’s a Will, There’s a Way

About a year ago, I was contacted by a woman who needed help finding a will in her cousin’s apartment. Unfortunately, her cousin had died alone and was found only after the neighbors smelled an odor and called the police. My new client, who we’ll call Sandy, was in the midst of a conflict with […]

From Rolling With the Punches To Regaining Resiliency

Occasionally, life throws us so far out of our comfort zone we often don’t know how we’ll ever find our way back to normalcy, even when what we’re experiencing is positive. At best we find ourselves celebrating a new beginning like a wedding or the birth of a child; at worst we find ourselves facing […]

Creating a Practice for Getting Organized

I often feel as though people think of getting organized as a chore or a task; something that you can accomplish if you buckle down and block off a whole Saturday. There is a perception that organizing simply involves space, stuff, garbage bags and willpower. Yes, at times, getting organized can include some or all […]

Check the Owner’s Manual

Wouldn’t it be great, if we each were born with an Owner’s Manual? Not only would parents be relieved of the burden of trying to figure out the mysterious being they’ve made a commitment to love, care for and nurture in perpetuity, but each of us would already have the answers for how to love, […]

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

Replacing Resolutions With Resolve, Part 7 It is said, that if you want to create a habit or a new behavior that lasts a lifetime you have to practice it religiously for 30 days. If this was true for everyone, all of our New Year’s resolutions would be achieved by January 31st and the process […]