A close-up of an open monthly plannerAn Assessment provides an exceptional opportunity to share your time, space and clutter challenges with a trained, non-judgmental and supportive professional who is prepared to share tools, techniques and tips for your unique situation.

An expert needs assessment can jump-start your progress toward less stress and more success. If you ever ask yourself, “How did I get here?” or don’t know where to start, an Assessment may be the perfect solution for you. This session focuses on identifying your primary goals and obstacles, defining and prioritizing your unique projects, and developing an Action Plan that breaks down and provides an estimate of the time required to achieve your desired outcomes.

We offer two types of Assessments, Virtual and On-site. Typically a 90-minute session, both Virtual and On-site Assessments include:

  • Discovery of your goals and motivators
  • Identification and prioritization of your organizational projects
  • Tour of your space, highlight what is working and what is not working
  • An evaluation of the resources needed to complete your projects
  • A customized Action Plan

After your Assessment, you receive an Action Plan with a prioritized list of your projects, specific recommendations for completing your projects, an estimate of the time needed to complete your projects, as well as, an estimate of the investment required to complete your projects with our assistance.

notepad-1383783_1280Virtual Assessments are conducted on FaceTime or Zoom and require a smartphone or laptop. They include a recording of the FaceTime or Zoom session for your personal use and review.

Contact us to get started and schedule your Assessment!